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As an independant fundraising company, C.C. Fundraising Solutions has the ability to offer your schools and organizations more unique products at better prices, higher profits and prize incentive options, that are sure to raise your participation & earn you more money! Plus, our superior customer service gives each school a customized accounting program & accounting assistance with every fundraiser! 

Every sale starts with a "kick-off assembly", where we have a chance to explain the program and get the kids excited about raising money for your school or orgranization.  While the assembly is optional, we do encourage having one as we have seen a difference in sales with groups who hold an assembly versus those that do not.

C.C. Fundraising Solutions has created a customized accounting program for each of our fundraisers. This makes it easy for the schools/organizations to input their orders and track every students order, as well as what prize level they each achieved. This program guarantees your accounting procedures to run smoother, and much more accurate. We are happy to have you preview this when we meet!

For convenience and better customer service, all of our products and prizes are stored locally.  This means that you have more control over delivery timelines and faster access to the items you need for your fundraiser to be successful.

Fundraising Samples

Serving all of Northern California and Southern Oregon

Redding • Anderson • Cottonwood • Chico • Red Bluff • Davis • Sacramento • Eureka • Medford • Grants Pass

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